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The Advanced Technologies Institute (ATI) is a selective institute that offers students an opportunity to blend classroom instruction with on-site experience at various industry partner sites. Students who have a desire to work in an advanced technologies field (manufacturing technician, HVAC technician, pre-engineering, etc.) will be ideal candidates who should apply for acceptance into this co-op experience.  Selected students will collaborate with local industry in a paid experience where they will explore careers that they are interested in while gaining valuable employability skills, enhanced soft skills, and leadership theory. 

Work-Based Learning represents any credit-bearing experience that connects the knowledge learned in the classroom to real life application in a professional setting. This learning experience can be completed through internships, practicums, clinicals, co-ops and similar experiences. When integrated into the program of study/pathway, students have the opportunity to apply learning while networking and connecting with individuals in their career field. At Cleveland State we offer Cooperative Education courses that include 100/150 hour internships, and numerous pathways/programs that have work-based learning opportunities built directly into their plan of study. By participating in a work-based learning experience, students explore careers that interest them and gain valuable employability skills, all while pursuing personal and professional goals.


Current students and graduates can use our FREE Online Job Board to look for local and national employers who have part-time and full-time job openings. This web-based system will allow you to search for local jobs, create resumes and career portfolios plus search for national jobs ans internships!


This program has helped me in numerous ways. It has helped me mature greatly in the work force. I feel like I walked in with a pretty good understanding of what life in the “real world” was like. However, after two years in this program, I have learned so many things from the people I work with and work for. The knowledge I have gained in this program has given me so much confidence. I feel now, that I am ready for the next step in my career.”

Tyler Baker

ATI, Student of the year, CSCC

“I found out about ATI through one of my dad’s coworkers. I liked how you could go to both work and school and use what you learned at school and apply it to your work. This meant much more hands-on experience than just in class. I’ve always had a passion for working with cars and working with my hands, so this was like a dream come true for me. I’m very thankful
for this opportunity.”

Edi Abdulahu

CSCC ATI Student, Beiersdorf


Cleveland State Community College





“We offer workforce training opportunities in Cleveland, Athens, and Vonore.”