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We’re so glad to have you at Cleveland State!  An important part of acclimating to campus life is attending an Orientation session.  We spread these out to accommodate all schedules.  Once you’ve registered for your first semester of classes you’ll need to register and attend Orientation.  We also have an online component to orientation.  Once you register for an on-campus session we will send more information about how to complete those requirements.  

PROTIP: Completing orientation during the summer
will immeasurably ease the workload of your First Year Seminar course this fall! 

Orientation sessions for Fall entrance begin in June and run through August.  The June dates are available for registration below.  One session each week during July and August will also be offered, with registration opening on June 1st and July 1st.  There are Saturday, morning, afternoon, and evening sessions throughout the summer.  

As information, those students starting in a Spring semester will attend orientation in December or January.  All dates that are available for registration are listed below.  If you have questions before your dates are released, please email  

Can’t wait to see you!

Register Here:

Wednesday, June, 16, 2021 Afternoon

Athens Center Focused
Thursday, June 24 Afternoon

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 – Morning